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During the Pattaya Music Festival: 12 drunk drivers and 2 people with loaded guns arrested


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Pattaya police arrested two men with two pistols and 26 bullets and 12 drivers who had exceeded the legal alcohol limit during the “Pattaya Music Festival” last week during “Pattaya Music Festival”.

On the night of November 12, Pattaya City Police patrolled the Pattaya Music Festival area on Jomtien Beach near the night market and set up several checkpoints. Police also conducted random searches of vehicles to ensure people were safe during the festival.

The increased security followed an incident earlier last week in which a young man fired a gun on Pattaya Beach Road in a fit of rage after a woman allegedly asked him to stop filming her on the beach.

The Pattaya City Police further announced that they had arrested 12 people who exceeded the legal limit of an alcohol breath test at checkpoints near the music festival. All twelve were taken to the Pattaya Police Station for legal examination.

Two men were also reportedly caught in a pickup truck with two handguns and 26 bullets. Both men claimed they were allowed to carry the weapons because they were the legal bodyguards of the president of the Prachinburi provincial administration.

The two men claimed that due to the nature of the work they were doing, they did not require appropriate licenses or permits. However, Pattaya police had some doubts about the story and arrested the men for further investigation.

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