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Dutch police arrest two men on suspicion of ‘preparing a terrorist attack’

Police in the Netherlands have arrested two men from Zoetermeer, near The Hague, on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack.

Authorities say they believe the attack would likely have been carried out in the Netherlands at the end of the year, using “bomb vests and one or more car bombs”.

The two suspects, aged 20 and 34, were detained on Monday.

After carrying out searches, police found items including a throwing axe and a dagger hidden above a ceiling at one of the suspect’s addresses.

No firearms or explosives were found on the suspects.

Information from Dutch intelligence services indicated that the two men had “intended to commit a jihadist attack”.

They were said to be “planning to use explosives and undergo training to use them”.

In a statement, Openbaar Ministerie, the Public Prosecution Service in the Netherlands, said the target of the attack was not clear.

Authorities stated that a National Police Unit investigation had been launched in October, with information from the AIVD, the intelligence and security agency of the Netherlands.

Evidence against the suspects had been obtained using “using police infiltrators”.

One suspect was arrested at his address in Zoetermeer, while the other was detained by an anti-terrorism unit of the Special Interventions Service on the street in The Hague.

The two men were being interrogated by the police on Monday and will be brought before the examining magistrate in Rotterdam on Thursday.

Following the investigation, the Publication Prosecution Service said “the risk of an attack in the Netherlands is still fully present”.


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