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Eight suspected insurgents detained following ambush of rangers in Pattani

Eight suspected insurgents have been detained for questioning over their alleged involvement in an ambush that killed two insurgents and injured four others, the southern Army chief said.


Fourth Army Area commander Lt Gen Piyawat Nakwanit told a press conference Sunday evening that the suspects were arrested following the ambush in Nong Chik district on September 11.

The attack prompted the southern Army to declare Tambon Bang Than, Tambon Bang Khao and Tambon Tuyong in Nong Chik a specially controlled zone for seven days as they hunted for the attackers.

The searches jointly conducted by police, troops and Interior Ministry led to the arrest and the suspects were detained at the Ingkhayut Borihan Army camp in Nong Chik for questioning.

Piyawat said the authorities learned that the ambush had been carried out by insurgents led by Maolana Samoh, a suspect wanted on nine arrest warrants.

Twelve other suspects living in Pattani’s Muang, Nong Chik and Mae Lan districts and in Songkhla’s Thepha and Sabayoi districts also participated in the attack, Piyawat added, urging them to surrender in exchange for more lenient penalties.

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