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Elderly monk comes to the end of his life in Bangkok in a horrific way


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Elderly monk comes to the end of his life in Bangkok in a horrific way

Phra Charan, a 70-year-old monk, was killed in a hit and run in Bangkok yesterday.

Phra was a monk at Wat Son Temple for many years. Several parts of one of a “black car” had been found scattered across the road, however, no actual car was found.

When paramedics arrived, they found Phra’s head and leg covered in blood.

The monk’s son, 47-year-old Chaloem Chai, and his 26-year-old granddaughter Angkana, were informed of the tragic incident. They then went to the scene of the accident to view the body of their relative. The sight shocked both family members and the granddaughter reportedly passed out on the road.

Nearby CCTV cameras captured the accident on film. Eyewitnesses were also present. A witness, 48-year-old Lapatlada, a food vendor, said she was cooking when she heard a loud brake noise. She looked to where she heard the sound and saw a black pickup truck driving towards Phra Charan. She said Phra’s body shot into the air before landing on the road. She added that the pickup did not stop after hitting Phra.

Chaloem said he waited for his motorcycle at six o’clock every day for his father to cross the road. He said his father was unable to cross the nearby bridge because of his arthritis.

The monk’s body has been taken to Siriraj Hospital.

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