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Embassy of Thailand in Poland ready with plans to evacuate their residents from Ukraine


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The Thai embassy in Warsaw, which also oversees Ukraine, has said it is making appropriate preparations to evacuate some 250 Thai citizens living in Ukraine as and when necessary.

The embassy in Poland said it had set up a special Line group to communicate and prepare to either take them back to Thailand or travel to safe houses in Poland.

The embassy said it maintains regular contact with the Thai people in Ukraine and has released the timeline of its efforts.

On February 13, the embassy, ​​together with the Ministry of Consular Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, warned the Thai people to avoid travel to Ukraine, unless this is necessary during this period due to the tensions on the border with Ukraine, and the Thai population in Ukraine to monitor closely. the situation.

From February 13-15, Chettaphan Maksamphan, Thailand’s ambassador to Warsaw, and embassy staff travelled to the Ukrainian city of Lviv, a city in western Ukraine about 70 kilometres from the border with Poland. They were exploring and setting up facilities to use the city of Lviv as a base for evacuating Thai people back to Thailand, the embassy said.

The team met the manager of Lviv International Airport, discussed the route from Lviv to Warsaw and explored hotels, restaurants, Covid-19 test centres, etc., the embassy said.

On February 22, the Ministry of Consular Affairs issued a notice warning the Thai people of tensions at the border with Ukraine, asking them not to travel to Ukraine as current tensions have increased to Donetsk and Luhansk.

On February 23, the embassy held long-distance meetings with representatives of Thai restaurant workers in several cities of Ukraine to inquire about their livelihoods and listen to the problems or concerns of the Thai community in Ukraine.

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