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Emergency at Phuket airport, one passenger hospitalized


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In Phuket airport, a piece of ceiling fell off and fell next to a passenger, causing her to faint

The incident occurred in the domestic terminal of the international airport in the Thai province of Phuket. At around 11:20 local time an aluminium beam broke off the ceiling and fell to the floor, narrowly missing a female passenger standing nearby. No serious injuries are reported, but the woman lost consciousness from fright.

The woman was reportedly a Thai woman waiting for her flight from Phuket to Bangkok. According to the airport staff report, she was shocked by what happened and lost consciousness, but was not actually hurt by the falling piece of ceiling. Staff immediately took the woman to the hospital for observation.

An airport spokesman told the Thai media that the incident occurred while it was raining in the area. He suggested that there may have been flooding on the roof, with water somehow seeping into the ceiling and weakening the structure. The official said a specially organized group from the airport visited the woman at the hospital to apologize for disrupting her travel plans.

A similar incident happened at Phuket airport three years ago. Back then, the entire ceiling above the seats in the departure lounge in the same terminal building collapsed, and one passenger was hit in the head. The incident occurred just after 3 years of an extensive renovation of the old terminal (now a domestic terminal) after the completion of the new international terminal.

Less than a month ago, the roof collapsed in the group tour lounge in Terminal 1 at Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport due to ongoing heavy rains. AOT executive director Nitinai Sirisattakarn said the damage was more than 30 million baht, see photos of the destroyed terminal at the capital’s airport here: Passenger terminal collapses at Bangkok airport (photo)

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