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New Study Claims Men Have Better Sex With Emotionally Unstable Women


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Emotionally Unstable Women: According to a new study, men apparently have better sex with women who are emotionally unstable. Additionally, women have better sex with men who are “less agreeable” and pay attention to small details.

The study was published in the Journal of Sex Research and used volunteers that have been in a relationship for an average of 24 years. The average age of participants was 51-years-old.

Lead researcher Julia Velten and her peers interviewed each volunteer–asking questions about their sex lives, personalities, and sexual function. It is the first time that researchers went in depth to study how personality traits correlated to sexual pleasure.

The study found that  “men whose partners had less emotional stability reported better sexual function” while “lower agreeableness of a sexual partner was predictive of better sexual function in women.”

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