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Englishman arrested at his home in Pattaya after allegedly firing a pistol into the air multiple times


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According to Pattaya police, a British citizen was arrested last night after what was described as a several-hour confrontation with the suspect, who allegedly fired multiple pistols into the air.

The incident took place at around 7 pm last night at the Palm Oasis Village near Soi 9 of Thepprasit Road.

Colonel Thanawut Chongjira of the Pattaya City Police, notified of the shooting, personally rushed to Thepprasit Road, but because the suspected Englishman was uncooperative, the Colonel quickly rounded up a platoon of about 50 police officers.

According to the housekeepers, 36-year-old Thanasiri Duangkwan and 38-year-old Pornthip Sophonthawinpong, the suspect fired several shots into the air, startling neighbours as well as residents and staff of the house.

According to Colonel Thanawut Chongjira, the 44-year-old suspect is named Alexander Michael Gerasimidis, a British citizen. The suspect reportedly fired at least four gunshots into the air and then locked himself in his home after police arrived, prompting more than 50 Pattaya Police and Special Forces men to arrive to assess the situation. react.

According to the housekeepers, the incident was caused by an argument with a Thai woman, who was not mentioned by name. The woman is said to have caused damage to one of Mister Gerasimidis’ vehicles, causing an argument and several shots were fired into the air. This led to a call to the Pattaya Police Department, although it is still unclear who called. The housekeepers also stated that the suspect was drunk.

Colonel Thanawut Chongjira said it took more than two hours to detain the suspect, who was initially described as “uncooperative”. However, the suspect eventually surrendered and was put behind the bars of the police station

It is unclear at this time whether Mr Gerasimidis has confessed to the allegations or whether he has obtained a lawyer at this time.

Pattaya Police are currently investigating possible legal charges, according to a statement from Colonel Thanawut Chongjira.

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