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Entry into Thailand is 15 minutes – new rules from May 1


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Since May 1, entry into Thailand has become much easier due to the abolition of tests and the program “Test&Go”, check-in passengers on arrival takes no more than 15 minutes

According to local media, tourists arriving at Bangkok airport on the first day of eased entry rules into Thailand praised the changes in arrival procedures and generally approve of the decision by the government to cancel the PCR tests and the program “Test & Go”. The Bangkok Post publishes the opinions of first-time travellers about Thailand’s simplified entry procedures starting May 1, 2022, saying it was the change that influenced their decision to finally visit the Sunshine Kingdom.

Canadian Kyle Sutherland confirmed that the decision to forgo PCR testing upon arrival in Thailand helped him save money. “I love Thai food and Thai boxing, so I kept thinking about going to the paradise country despite the complicated rules. However, their absence has now made my life easier, and here I am. What’s more, all the countries in the world are now going to loosen the rules for more convenience as the Covid-19 outbreak goes down.”

Justin Chines, a 28-year-old tourist from America compared this visit to his last trip in January, which required much more paperwork. This time, he said, he got his Thai Pass within days, compared to the 3 weeks it took in January. “I would say it’s very easy this time. I don’t have to show the PCR result and apply for quarantine at the hotel. It’s very convenient. But I think it would be great if health insurance was no longer required because it increased the cost of the trip.”

A 27-year-old Cambodian tourist told the newspaper that she, too, was able to save money by eliminating PCR testing upon arrival. Sorm David travels in the kingdom with her friends and described the revised Thai Pass process as much more convenient.

Government officials visited the capital’s airport this past weekend to check that Thailand’s air harbour is ready for arrivals under the simplified entry procedure in May. Authorities expect tourist numbers to rise to pre-pandemic 2019 levels by 2024, or about 100,000 passengers arriving at Suvarnabhumi per day, an estimated 36.5 million passengers a year.

“All government agencies are now working together to facilitate arrivals and departures and eliminate queues at Thai Pass and immigration checkpoints,” said Chayatam Fromsorn, permanent secretary of Thailand’s Ministry of Transport.

He said he observed a flight arriving from Singapore with 330 passengers at the Thai Pass checkpoint in Suvarnabhumi and found that health officials working in 15 booths of the screening system took about 20 minutes to check all passengers. Fromsorn added that lines at immigration checkpoints were not long either, with immigration officials taking about 15 minutes to check all 330 passengers.

In total, Suvarnabhumi Airport handled 96 flights with 16,868 passengers on the first day of Thailand’s new entry rules from May 1. Eleven of them were sent to undergo a five-day quarantine, these were unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated passengers who did not provide a negative result of the OT-PCR test 72 hours before travel. The airport has arranged transfers to quarantine hotels in Bangkok, especially for these patients.

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