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Thai govt says it will ERADICATE poverty ahead of elections

The government has pledged its commitment to eradicate poverty ahead of a general election which would be held in the next six months, said Prime Minister’s Office Minister Kobsak Pootrakool. 

In a national televised broadcast, he said that the government is currently on track to solve poverty, reduce inequalities, reform governing bodies, and promote public participation in politics in order to pave way for Thailand with a better future.

He said the government intended to meet the public’s needs before the general election expected in the next eight months, adding that the government has accomplished many campaigns to increase income among the general public, such as the grouping of local manufacturers, reducing dependencies with informal loans, and enhancing the value of local products.

The government has been promoting community enterprises and provide support in forms of village funds which are legally recognized, as well as certifying the work of community enterprises to promote savings, which helps villagers being more sufficient without borrowing money from informal loans.

The government is preparing the country for an ageing society, particularly enhancing the healthcare system for bed-ridden patients as well as the land rights and welfare campaigns for low-income earners, with the goal to have 400,000 retailers participating in this campaign in the future.

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