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Escaped US murder suspect arrested, prison guard commits suicide


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An American murder suspect who escaped from a prison in the city of Florence late last month has been arrested after a days-long manhunt. The prison guard who is an accomplice in the escape has taken her own life.

The 38-year-old murder suspect, Casey Cole White, left his cell handcuffed on April 29, accompanied by guard Vicky White (56), according to security images. The two left in an official car to the court for a hearing. However, it turned out later that no hearing had taken place at all. When the police launched a search, they found the official car in a parking lot. It is not known whether they fled on foot afterwards.

The search for the two fugitives ended in Indiana on May 9. A day before the arrest, police received a tip about a stolen vehicle found at a car wash. On security footage of the car wash, an employee saw a man who bore a strong resemblance to Casey, after which the police were called. A day later, the fugitive duo was taken in, but before Vicky could be apprehended, she fired several shots at herself. The former prison guard was immediately taken to hospital where she later died of her injuries.

It is still unclear whether Vicky helped the murder suspect voluntarily or if she was coerced into doing so. The prison guard was a valued employee and would be on her last shift and retiring on the day of the escape.

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