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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Expats WILL be included in the COVID19 vaccination program according to the CCSA


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The administrative centre for the Covid19 control, the CCSA, has changed its mind and announced in a press conference that the ex-pats do not need to worry, they WILL be included in the country’s vaccination program.

Recent media reports to the contrary have been taken out of context, the CCSA spokesman said at today’s press conference.

Watch the full English briefing below.

Some foreign residents in Thailand have already been vaccinated in the initial phase of vaccinations, but the Thai government’s first priority is to vaccinate all frontline medical personnel, the elderly, those with underlying health conditions and those in high-risk areas. life.

Phase one started in February and will run until the end of May, the spokesperson said, while phase two will start in June and continue through the end of the year.

It is during phase two that foreigners in Thailand are vaccinated according to their risk group.

As for reports that some foreigners were able to register for the vaccine using the Mor Prom platform, the spokesperson said the platform was not intended for use by foreigners.

However, the Health Ministry is working on a number of options to allow foreigners in Thailand to register to receive the vaccine.

One of the options is to create a mobile app to facilitate registration. The government is also continuing to work on ways in which the private sector can purchase vaccines.

In the event that private hospitals can administer vaccines, this is likely to be done during the second phase as well.

More information about the fact that foreigners can purchase vaccines from private hospitals will be released at a later date.

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