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We would like to introduce you to exciting opportunities that are available on our website farangmart.co.th.

We have included our general price list for our standard banners on FarangMart, banner-pricing.pdf. Of course, the prices vary depending on where you wish to place your ads with premium placement naturally costing that little bit extra but giving you greater exposure. All ads that appear on our site will provide a direct link to your website.

Of course, you will be wanting to know the number of visitors that we get to our site so you can be confident that you will get a great return on your investment. We are always transparent and have included a link to our last 4 months’ analytics analytics.pdf. As you can see, on average, we get around 600+ visitors a day which comes to 20,000 per month – quite impressive, we are sure you’ll agree.

In addition, we can also offer video placements instead of image banners. Our team will be more than happy discuss prices if you are interested.

We teamed up with Pattaya One Media Group which gives even greater exposure for your ads and business directory listings. This has already given a great boost to the site’s traffic, vastly increasing your ads chances of success due to ad’s reaching out to a wider audience at just a fraction of the price any of the other national websites charge.

Pattaya One’s regular viewers of their comprehensive news service will now have an increased awareness along with a seamless connection allowing them to easily list items for sale, including property, cars, boats and household items.

If your interested in advertising with us please contact: [email protected]

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