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Feeding stray dogs is strongly discouraged in the coastal city of Pattaya


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A woman from South Pattaya was warned by local authorities not to feed stray dogs on the sidewalk after neighbours were bitten.

Pattaya Deputy Mayor Pattana Boonsawat and Soi Khopai Community President Wirat Joyjinda recently spoke with the elderly woman in Soi Yai Chalao.

Neighbours in Penpuk Village complained that the woman has many dogs, but feeds them a lot outside her house on the road. When people walk or drive by, the dogs — guarding their food and benefactor — chase and attack them.

Pattaya City Hall sent dog catchers, which turned out to be useless, as there was no dog in sight.

Instead, the deputy mayor warned the woman not to feed the dogs outside, keep her own dogs on her property, and pay compensation for anyone who has been or will be bitten by her “pets.”

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