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Feyverly ready to assist advancement of Thai Businesses to export globally with

Feyverly, a  leading digital CRM  Privilege & E-Commerce solutions provider, aims to raise the standard and potential of E-Commerce development in Thailand. The company’s main goal is to help Thai brands take their businesses to an international level through digital means. As the market expands, Feyverly is looking forward to being a key contributor to help Thai brands grow in the online digital market.

Vorawee Maitrawattana, Chief Executive Officer of Feyverly, said “Feyverly was founded in 2013 and today we are working with over hundreds of brands and suppliers from SMEs to large corporations, providing both our digital solutions and Our core services include providing Digital Marketing Services, developing Customer Relationship Management Systems, and designing and creating Customer Privilege Management, with the latest addition of providing e-Commerce enablement. Authorised Global Partner

Since 2019, Feyverly has been appointed by as their  Authorized Global Partner in Thailand. Working together with, the leading Business to Business (B2B) e-commerce platform, Feyverly hopes to strengthen the position of Thai brands and enable their growth with “We aim to help Thai businesses, from SMEs to large corporations, confidently trade globally.” said Vorawee

In 2020, Feyverly was additionally awarded the  Authorized Service Partner status, allowing Feyverly to provide both sales and aftersales service, becoming a one stop service partner for and their suppliers in Thailand. The award is also an affirmation of Feyverly’s high service level standards towards its suppliers. This credential further strengthens the partnership between and Feyverly.

“Feyverly’s eCommerce team is committed to cultivating clients’ success and takes great emphasis in designing its clients success roadmap. Feyverly’s eCommerce team is also led by Khun Chapadsar, an Alibaba Global Lecturer.”

Elevation of Thai businesses to international standards

The impact of COVID-19 accelerated the necessity of digital transformation on all business fronts. We can see that many businesses have started to adopt online sales platforms and that there is a lack of operational support and know-how. Feyverly, a digital solutions provider is well equipped to provide Thai brands with the support, operational knowledge and technical support to grow globally and meet their business objectives.  Feyverly prides itself on being a provider that focuses on enabling growth through digital & E-Commerce solutions that are designed and developed to meet the needs of each client.” said Vorawee.

About Feyverly

Founded in 2013, Feyverly is the leading digital CRM Privilege & E-Commerce solutions provider headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Feyverly aims to provide growth for their clients and partners’ brands. 

In 2019, Feyverly partnered with, the leading B2B e-commerce platform to expand its services to include B2B eCommerce. This partnership enabled Feyverly to provide the access for Thai brands to trade and expand their business internationally via E-Commerce. Feyverly’s E-Commerce team has since gone on to achieve the award of Authorised Service Partner. Currently, Feyverly continues to expand its business offering and partners network to meet the needs of Thai brands  looking to take their business to the next level and beyond.

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