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FIFA 23 disqualifies cheaters using new system


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In FIFA 23, cheaters are disqualified using a new system. Developer EA Sports reports this on the website . Built into the game is a tool that checks for cheating in the core of the computer operating system. In this way, the developer hopes that trading in the Ultimate Team game mode will become fairer again.

In every game, people cheat. Many console games allow gamers to enter certain codes to get benefits. Other cheaters go a step further. They choose to adapt the programming code of a game to completely customize the game. When the code is successfully ‘hacked’, the hacks are often shared online again and even sold on.

The ways to cheat are getting more sophisticated. EA Sports has therefore chosen to build in a security system that checks whether cheating is taking place in the core of the operating system. It’s the first time EA has implemented security in a game. Other developers, such as Activision Blizzard, have been doing this for some time in the game Call of Duty, for example.

The new security method is not without controversy. Game developers should handle the system with care, because if a data breach occurs, the entire console is affected. According to EA, the system is only active when the game is being played. As soon as the game is closed, the security system in the core of the operating system is also closed. The new method does not collect or store any data on the console.

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