The mother thought her 9-year-old child was kidnapped by the Finnish stepfather. Thankfully, the girl has been returned safely home, the mother thinks that they took a trip to go meet the real father living in Laos.

The Immigration police reported on 25 September 2019 on the case where the stepfather from Finland was reported to have kidnapped the child into another country with the intention to take the child for the birth father living in Laos. The Police worked on the issue and successfully found the little girl. On the same day, The mother Buntai and the 9-year-old girl came to thank the police with a basket of flowers.

The Immigration police were contacted through Facebook on the case. The mother had made a public post stating that she needed help looking for her daughter who was missing. At the time she believed it was the Finnish husband. He might have picked the daughter up from school. Officers tracked the Finnish man through the Biometrics system.

Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook

The police discovered that Juggo, the Finnish stepfather came to Thailand on 20 September 2019 specifically to celebrate his daughter’s birthday on the 22nd. He stayed at a local hotel in Nong Khai Province. The real father told Juggo to go pick the daughter up from a private school in Khon Kaen Province. Juggo did so without informing the mother. He took the little girl back to their hotel room and celebrated her birthday.

Then on the 23rd at 14.35, Juggo and the daughter crossed the Thai border in Nong Khai into Laos. They went to meet the real father where they spent the night. The police tracked them down and Juggo decided to bring the girl back on the 24th. He hired a taxi and delivered the girl safely back to the mother. Juggo flew out of Thailand on the 25th.

The police stated that the real father who was also from Finland simply wanted to celebrate his little girl’s birthday. The problem was the mother would not allow it, so he contacted the Finnish stepfather to see if there was any way he could re-unite them, even for just one day to celebrate. The police could not find any bad intentions between all parties, adding to the fact that the girl was safe and happy, they were no charges to press against Juggo or anyone.

Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook

The topic of a divorced father and mother places huge effects on the child’s life and memories. Often times it’s best to put aside your personal ego for the happiness of your little one, it’s only a few days and surely the child will remember the moments forever.

FB Caption: The real father simply wanted to celebrate his little girl’s birthday, but the mother would not allow it.

Source: Sanook