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Flock of King cobras terrorize village in Thailand


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A team of snake catchers in Thailand have announced a massive hunt for king cobras that are terrorizing a village in the Tang Provence.

Residents of Kok Kor village in the Thai province of Trang now live in constant fear after poisonous snakes have chosen the village and the surrounding area.

The situation worsened after the death of a 50 -year old villager from a king cobra bite in an oil plantation, according to Tairat publications.

Locals have claimed that dozens of large king cobras live in the bushes in the village and the surrounding area, where people meet every day. For safety reasons, children and the elderly are being asked to stay home and not to let animals out in the garden.

Some villagers believe that they can protect themselves from the snakes by clearing the area of the village from thickets of weeds and overgrown bushes. However, the community have bought in a team of professional snake hunters from Nakhon Si Thammarat province to resolve the problem.

Toxicology team leader Chokchai Phretanaruang said his team believe there could be two types of snakes in the village: The King cobra and the poisonous viper smooth snake. Both species are extremely poisonous and dangerous to humans.

In case of encountering the king cobra, the snake experts gave this advice to the villagers: Stop and slowly step back. If you can not move your legs, just stand there until the snake lowers its head and slithers away.

To catch the venomous reptiles, a team of snake hunters have pulled nets on both sides of the road, but so far no snakes have fallen into the trap.

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