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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

For the second time in two days, a huge data breach surfaced at a website used by foreigners in Thailand


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For the second time in as many days, an official website used by foreigners in Thailand is said to have suffered a data breach.

Today, noted blogger Richard Barrow tweeted that the website used by foreigners to make appointments at Bangkok Immigration shows users’ personal details.

The leaked data includes names, addresses, date of birth, passport numbers and visa numbers.

Richard explained that other users’ personal information can be viewed if a user has changed certain characters in the URL of the completed booking form. He also hinted that the data breach had been going on for years.

The problem with the Bangkok Immigration website is remarkably similar to the one discovered on the Thailand Intervac website on Tuesday.

The Intervac website, which was created by the Thai Ministry of Health to allow foreigners to register for the COVID-19 vaccination, was also found to leak personal information from people who registered on the website.

The personal information on the Intervac website was also publicly accessible by changing some characters in the URL.

On Tuesday, the Thai government released a statement explaining that the issue on the Intervac website had been resolved after being caused by a “temporary outage” but would now be working again.

Your news bear accepted the announcement with the best of intentions, but with a few clicks already found one inaccessible website… too bad

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