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Foreign man on Pattaya’s Walking Street beaten up for refusing to pay for his food

Early Thursday morning, around 4:30 a.m., there was a commotion in Pattaya’s walking street when several Thai men appeared to be beating up a foreign man in the middle of the street, while a Thai woman kept shouting that the foreign man had not paid her for the food, according to her screams it may have been som tam. The foreigner was at one point cleared during the lengthy discussion.

The incident was recorded by a passerby, which showed a foreigner of unknown nationality and identification standing over six feet tall and arguing with a Thai woman. ‘You eat my food. It’s not free,” the woman yelled at the man, but the man only said, “No, you don’t understand,” tried to calm her down for a moment, then tried to walk away before he got angry too and raised his voice.

The unknown Thai woman then challenged the man to a fight and continued to scold him until a Thai man in a black shirt intervened and allegedly kicked the foreigner. The fight was abruptly stopped by a bystander, but the woman and the Thai man followed the foreigner to fight again, with another Thai man also appearing to join the fight, although it was unclear why he did so.

Two Thai men and the foreigner started hitting and kicking each other again on Walking Street amid several spectators. Then another Thai man who appeared to be a street vendor got involved and threw a red steel chair at the foreigner, eliciting shrieks of terror from nearby pedestrians.

The brawl was stopped by the bystanders and all parties decided to leave the scene. It was unclear whether the woman’s claim was true or not, but many tourists, both foreign and Thai, were certainly shocked by the incident.

The foreign man’s nationality and name were not clear, although the upset Thai woman shouted curses at him and claimed he was Indian.

After this uproar went viral on social media, Pattaya police quickly showed up and were apparently aware of the altercation, but it was not known whether they planned to sue the parties involved.

These kinds of incidents that go viral on social media usually trigger a police response

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