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Foreigner suspected of killing trangender in Thailand


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A Lithuanian national has been detained in Pattaya on suspicion of killing a transgender whose body was found in a locked room in Surin

Pattaya police have detained a Lithuanian man whose transgender girlfriend was found murdered in a locked room in his home in Surin, the Bangkok Post reported. Earlier it was reported that the man was a Russian national, but police have identified the man as Lithuanian national Marius Kunitzkas.

According to the newspaper, the man was tracked down by a signal from a mobile phone he allegedly took from his dead lover. The suspect was traced at a beach in Pattaya around noon on Thursday, said National Police Deputy Chief Gen Damrongsak Kittiprapas. Police officers immediately arrested the man.

During interrogation, the Lithuanian man cried and confessed that he had quarrelled with the dead transgender man. The detention team found a bruise on the man’s nose. During a search of the Lithuanian national, the victim’s mobile phone was found in his possession.

The suspect was reportedly taken to the northeastern province of Surin for DNA testing. If the sample taken from the Lithuanian matches the evidence found at the crime scene, the man will be formally arrested and charged with murder, the police said.

Suspected Lithuanian national Marius Kunitzkas

The body of 31-year-old Thirapthong Lamluyea was found in a locked room of her two-storey house. The deceased was found wrapped in a thick blanket. There was a strong dead body odour and the victim is believed to have been dead for at least a week, said police captain Sani Chimngam.

Thirapthong’s mother, Vandi Lamluyea, 47, said neighbours informed her that a foul smell similar to that of a dead animal was coming from her son’s house. The mother of the deceased called rescue workers to get inside and inspect the house. They found traces of hair and blood stains on the floor, as well as drag marks leading to the door to the next room. The mother opened the door and saw the body of her son, a transgender man, lying under a blanket.

The deceased mother has three children, Thirapthong is the eldest and is the main breadwinner of the family. For six or seven months, he had been romantically involved with a man who she said was Russian. They met in Phuket. According to the woman, Thirapthong brought her lover home twice in January and in late May. During the first visit, they stayed in a hotel. On the second visit, the couple stayed at her house.

Wandi said that the man stayed with them for one week. The foreigner had been drinking a lot of beer, and on 26 May he brought a whole crate into the house and drank it with her. The woman noticed blood-like stains on his legs, as well as several bruises. However, the man explained that the bottle had fallen and broken and its shards had fallen on his feet, Wandi said. The woman had no reason to doubt his word, and they drank together until about 9 pm. Thirapthong never joined them.

Around 2 p.m. the next day, the woman went to the market and did not see the car her son had rented, which he drove from Ubon Ratchathani province. The woman assumed that her son, along with his man, had left together.

On Wednesday, the woman learnt that Thirapthong had been killed. His head was badly smashed and Vandy believes the killer had beaten him to death with a bottle. His pit bull dog is also missing, and his mother suspects that he too has been killed and buried somewhere. According to the woman, police have CCTV footage showing the rental car leaving the bus terminal. The footage also shows the suspect boarding a bus to Rayong.

Wandi revealed that Thirapthong also has a British boyfriend. They have known each other for seven years, but the British man left for his home country and did not return to Thailand for a long time. The woman suspects that the “Russian man” was jealous of her son.

The victim is 31-year-old transgender Thirapthong Lamluyea

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