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Foreigners on Phuket again ignore the imposed Covid19 measures, deportation is imminent!


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Foreigners on Phuket again ignore the imposed Covid19 measures, deportation is imminent!

Phuket’s foreigners are once again ‘in the picture’ for their alleged non-compliance with Covid-19 security measures.

A meeting made up of senior Phuket officials, and a majority of consuls and representatives of the foreign government decided that legal action will be taken against those who do not behave “socially responsible”, with the most unyielding a one-way ticket from Thailand.

Yesterday’s meeting was all about discussing ways to prevent the spread of the virus to foreign tourists living in Phuket. 14 consul representatives were present, including those from the following countries:

The Netherlands.
South Korea.

According to the report of the meeting, participants were given the opportunity to express their views and make recommendations around the Covid-19 epidemic.

The report contained this wording:
“However, if Phuket Provincial Health Bureau determines that you (foreigners) are at high risk, or have tested positive for Covid-19, you (foreigners) must be socially responsible by preparing for treatment in strict accordance with the place established by the health service, that is our standard. The same standard applies to everyone living in Phuket Province. “

“As a foreigner, if you do not wish to comply, you will be subject to legal penalties and we will consider withdrawing your permission to stay in the Kingdom”

The report did not include statements from the consuls about the message but did note that the UK Honorary Consul suggested asking the provincial government to allocate quotas for vaccination against Covid-19 to foreigners living in Phuket and to clarify how long it would take. before foreigners could get the Covid-19 vaccine.

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