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Foreigners stuck in Thailand – Good news

For those of you that have been stuck in Thailand as a result of the lockdown, then there is some good news. A grace period has been given to those that are unable or unwilling to return home.

The extension on visas has been announced by the Thai immigration authorities and have stated that people whos tourist permits ran out after the end of January can no go and apply for a further two months until 30th March 2021. So this gives a new terminal date till the end of May.

Those that wish to apply can do so, however, it will cost 1,900, and in order to qualify they must not lapse in overstay

It is believed that there are still between 100,000 and 150,000 foreigners that are still in the country, many that have been here since last spring. These people have been very lucky to have an extended stay due to the fact that there have been multiple extensions in the tourist’s visa, enabling them to stay and avoid going home.

There are three different groups of people, Those that can not get flights home due to where they are travelling back too. Second, are those that prefer not to return home as life in Thailand is just too good, or they are worried about Covid-19 when they return home. And finally, there are those that have been trapped because they reside in neighbouring countries where land borders are closed to most traffic.

It has become a little easier to get a tourist extension now as the rules have been eased. Before, tourists that were applying for the extension had to produce letters from their embassy explaining what has happened and why they are now stuck, however after the visa amnesty ended, the rules were then eased to make thing easier to apply.

There is no sign that international travel is beginning to return.

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