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Thais demand JAIL for foreigners wearing flag on their SHOES

Backward Thai netizens are furious that fashion footwear depicted what they saw as the Thai flag on shoe designs. 

They demanded action and jail terms.

But a museum in Thailand has pointed out that these are foreigners in their own land – they could only be in trouble if the offence was committed in Thailand.

The shoes with straps and holding pieces in the colors of the Thai red, white and blue flag appeared on Facebook on the site of “Vogue Paris”.

The Thai Flag Museum in Thailand pointed out that no one has a “copyright” on those colors or that design.

Furthermore the designers could not be prosecuted as the shoes were made and displayed outside Thailand.

They listed several regulations regarding the display and positioning of the Thai flag that apply in Thailand.

Were the shoes to have been made or even worn in Thailand then people could face a fine of 2,000 baht or a year in jail.

Thaivisa notes that Thai people are very sensitive when it comes to connecting anything of importance with the feet.

Feet should not be used for pointing or associated with objects of religious or national importance, for example

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