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Monday, June 21, 2021

Foreigners will soon be able to use Thai walk-in vaccine centers


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Khun Natapanu Nopakun, the deputy. a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, today revealed more information about the vaccination of ex-pats in Thailand.

Natapanu said that a registration system, similar to the Mor Prom platform used by Thai people to register for the vaccine, is currently being developed specifically for foreigners.

However, he said ex-pats in Thailand can basically get the vaccine at one of the many walk-in centres that will be set up across the country.

Khun Natapanu said that the walk-in centres that are currently open are part of a soft opening or “test opening” for all walk-in centres further in the country.

He also said the release of the vaccine to the general public is likely to occur much earlier than previously reported. This is because the supply of the vaccines takes place earlier than expected.

Therefore, the walk-in program officially starts next week, instead of in June as initially expected.

This means that in principle, foreigners can use the walk-in vaccination service as soon as they are active and the locations have been confirmed.

Once an official announcement has been made to indicate the opening of the run-in vaccine program, foreigners can in principle use the run-in service, Natapanu said.

Discussions are also underway to create separate walk-in centres for foreigners, which will be staffed by English speakers, to avoid communication problems regarding vaccinations.

However, it is preferable for foreigners to register for the vaccination via the mobile app as soon as it is available as it helps avoid crowds and is more efficient.

During today’s English briefing, Khun Natapanu spoke about the changeable nature of the situation and that information can change very quickly.

However, he said ex-pats in Thailand can rest assured that they are included in the government’s vaccination plans.

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