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Frederik from Ghent happens to film how Thai sex worker steals his expensive necklace: “Had emotional value, I am devastated”


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Frederik de Vreese (25), a resident of Ghent who lives in Bangkok, filmed during a selfie video how a sex worker could steal his precious necklace. “That necklace belonged to my grandfather”, grieves Frederik, who hopes that the thief will be found. 

The resident of Ghent has been staying in Thailand for more than a year and is currently studying at a private school in Bangkok to learn Thai. “I was out with five friends who also live in Bangkok.

I sometimes make YouTube videos for fun and I was just shooting a selfie video about the nightlife in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Road district. This is the busiest area of ​​Bangkok with many shops, restaurants, discos, and gogo bars.

In this district 75% of the sex workers are ladyboys. These are Thai men or transgenders who look very feminine. While I’m doing my explanation about the district, one of those ladyboys flies around my neck. ‘Where are you going, honey? Let’s go to your room’, she says as she pushes herself against my body and puts her arm around my neck”, says Frederik.

Frederik laughs a little embarrassed and pushes the “lady” away, but the damage is already done. During her embrace, she went straight to his expensive gold chain. In less than five seconds she managed to open the lock of the necklace and snatch the jewel away. She literally disappears like a thief in the night.

Frederik is in sackcloth and ashes when he notices that the necklace is gone. “The necklace belonged to my grandfather. She had been in the family for many years. I think she was worth about $800. I’m devastated because she had a lot of sentimental value,” it sounds sad.

The resident of Ghent has filed a report with the police. Whether they can effectively help him find the heirloom in this city of more than ten million inhabitants remains to be seen. Frederik is hopeful, however. “I think the thief is a member of a gang. She had a very striking tattoo, so I hope people can help find her,” said a hopeful Frederik.

Despite his lesser experience, Frederik does not intend to leave Bangkok anytime soon. “It was actually my first bad experience here. For the rest, I’m having a good time here. I’m thinking about staying here for a long time. I am considering starting a business here with a friend,” he concludes.

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