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Furious former politician Khun Chuwit: The government is not doing anything about the sex trade


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Former politician and former owner of several massage parlours in Bangkok, Chuwit Kamonwisit, has again sharply criticized the government for doing nothing against the growing sex industry in Bangkok and beyond.

The outspoken sex industry expert posted on his Facebook page that prostitution existed nationwide with a million girls and women. According to Chuwit, the sex industry sells hundreds of billions of baht per year, more than the illegal drug trade.

Thousands upon thousands of prostitutes work pubs, bars, karaoke bars, go-go bars, lounges, massage parlours, traditional massage parlours, spas, hotels, resorts, cafes, restaurants, hair salons and as attendants.

Young women as well as men finance their studies or their lavish lifestyle by selling sex.

Attractive individuals in their “golden years” can easily earn 100,000 baht per month in Bangkok’s top clubs. Khun Chuwit claims there are 100,000 underage prostitutes under the age of 18 in Thailand, including women from Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Karen and Chinese women.

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