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Taking A Look At Game of Thrones’ Real-Life Dragonstone


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This small islet in Spain is connected to the mainland by a narrow man-made path, and fans of Game of Thrones might recognize it as the ancestral home to the mother of dragons.

Gaztelugatxe can be found in Basque Country in Spain, and is home to a small chapel that is dedicated to John the Baptist. The narrow stone bridge that connects the islet consists of 231 zigzagging steps leading up to the chapel. Legend has it that if visitors make it to the top and ring the bell on the exterior three times, a wish will be granted.

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The structure was first built on the island in the 9th century, however since then it has been destroyed, rebuilt, and changed purposes many times. It’s uses have ranged from a convent to serving as a site of imprisonment for accused witches during the Spanish Inquisition.

In season 7 of Game of Thrones the stairwell made an appearance is Dragonstone causing its popularity to skyrocket. Thousands of visitors flocked to this recognizable location for its beauty or perhaps simply in hopes of one day catching themselves a glimpse of Daenerys Targaryen

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