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German on trial for cutting off genitals of eight men on his kitchen table


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German on trial for cutting off genitals of eight men on his kitchen table

In the German city of Munster, a 66-year-old electrician was convicted yesterday of murder and the mutilation of a total of eight men. The man pretended to be a doctor to earn extra money and castrated the men on his own kitchen table, the AP news agency reported.


The electrician, whose name the court declined to disclose for privacy reasons, initially offered sex-related services through SM websites. In his own words, he tried to get rid of his debts in this way. Between July 2018 and March 2020, he offered neutering as an additional service. His victims paid for his services but were unaware that he was not an expert. A man he treated later died of his injuries from the surgery and seven others were injured and now have mutilated genitals.


Although the electrician did perform the castrations, he says he is not responsible for the death of one of his ‘patients’, because he is said to have died a few days after the operation. The man was found three weeks later in a box by the police. The judge holds the electrician responsible for the man’s death and convicted him for failing to get medical help to help the man.

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