On Friday, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has called for the world to join her strike. The 16-year-old who founded the Fridays for Future movement has seen her protests spread all across Europe, and recently the United States. Now, she has the support of environmental groups, politicians, unions and regular people the world over, as many are planning days of action on Friday, September 20 to call for action on climate change.

The German government is making an effort to listen. A ‘Climate Cabinet’ group was formed in April with the goal of coming up with concrete legislation, and laying out both short and long-term plans for tackling the issue. The group is made up of Cabinet ministers. On Friday, in response to the call for global strike action, the cabinet will hold a meeting, out of which they’ve promised key proposals will emerge.

And it’s not just September 20 they have in mind- the United Nations Climate Action Summit is set to take place in New York City on September 25, with Thunberg herself planning to attend. It’s another crucial meeting of the major players where they’ll be under pressure to show real action.

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