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Girl finds a cockroach in her fried bun.

A Facebook User shared her experience of finding a cockroach in a fried bun. She had already eaten parts of the bun mixed with a cockroach before realizing the hidden ingredient to which she revealed in the caption “only the head was left”. The Sanook news team went to interview the Phetcharat 28 years old, a ladyboy living in the city of Buriram Province.

Phetcharat showed the evidence, 2 buns were left untouched and a half was left of the one with the cockroach in it. The fried buns are supposed to have coconut inside them, one of them had a special ingredient, coconut and cockroach mix. She stated that on the morning of the 26, she had some errands to run. On her way back, she bought 8 fried buns home for 20 THB. She was really hungry so she ate 1 in front of the shop and the remaining she had at home.

When she was eating the 6th ball Phetcharat started to feel full and chewed slower. This is when she looked at the bun and saw the cockroach head inside. She was shocked and spit out what she was chewing to find the body and legs of the cockroach. She took the bun and ran to her neighbor. Phetcharat revealed that it tasted delicious and she didn’t suspect anything until she saw the cockroach head. She didn’t want anything from the seller, just to simply warn consumers to be careful of what your eating and to remind food sellers the importance of food hygiene.

Auntie Noi 59 years old the seller admitted Phetcharat did come to buy the 8 friend buns from her for 20 THB. Noi stated that the girl asked her to give some free buns, to which she replied that she would give some for free if Phetcharat bought 100 THB worth of buns. Other customers would want the same if they only bought 20 THB of buns. She was shocked to hear about the cockroach because she has been making the buns for 11 years and customers have never complained. Noi confirms that she is strictly clean with her food-making process.

Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook

Auntie Noi believes Phetcharat lied on purpose because she wouldnt give any buns for free. If it truly came from her, then Phetcharat should have told her directly instead of sharing the news, she would gladly change the bun or give the money back. This can affect her business greatly.

FB Caption: Auntie Noi believes Phetcharat lied on purpose because she wouldnt give any buns for free.

Source: Sanook


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