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Girl hides and calls mom in a Home invasion.

The incident was recorded on the security cameras as a burglar made his way into a house where a 17-year-old girl was home alone on 18 November 2019 in Udon Thani Province. She did the right thing and decided to go into hiding then called her mom who called the police. When the police arrived, the thief had just gotten away minutes before.

When the police arrived at the 2-story house there was a silver Toyota truck parked right by the house. Inside was a bag with clothes inside and the keys were left inside the truck. Officials sealed off the area and the truck. They then called the girl who was the daughter of the homeowner hiding on the second floor. The girl threw the key down from a window to the police. When they entered inside the girl came out of her hiding and checked with the police if any valuable items were gone.

A cabinet on the first floor was broken open and 5 piggy banks were missing, estimated to have 3,000 THB inside them. Officials later found a bag with the 5 piggy banks left behind the back door. The burglar had thrown away his findings and jumped over the fence, escaping minutes before the police entered the home.

The thief then stole a Honda motorbike parked at an apartment 500 meters away. Tararat 44 years old the motorbike owner stated she was buying some items on the road when she saw a man driving her motorbike away.

The security camera inside the home captured a thin man about 160 centimeters tall wearing a yellow shirt, long black pants, and sneakers climbing over the fence and breaking into the house. This is when the girl realized something was wrong so she ran upstairs and hid inside one of the rooms. The thief was searching inside the cabinet when the police arrived he ran out to see if anyone was coming. When he saw the police cars he threw away the bag and climbed out over the fence.

FB Caption: The girl threw the key down from a window on the second floor to the police.


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