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Girl in England receives 44 million euros from hospital after wrong diagnosis


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A British girl receives a huge compensation of about 39 million pounds (converted over 44 million euros) from a hospital in Surrey. She gets this amount after her doctors misdiagnosed her. The girl lost her forearms and legs as a result of the mistake, British media report .


The young girl came to the emergency room at Frimley Park Hospital with her parents last year. She had a high fever, leg pain and nausea. The symptoms could be recognized as meningococcal sepsis, but the doctors sent the girl home with only paracetamol for the pain.


The paracetamol did nothing for the girl’s complaints and a few hours later she was back in the emergency room. Her condition quickly deteriorated here and not much later she was transferred to the intensive care unit of another hospital. Here her situation got worse and worse.

The girl’s organs failed and her skin and limbs began to die from the sepsis. Ultimately, the doctors were forced to amputate her legs from above her knees. The girl’s arms could not be saved either. These were amputated above the elbows.


The family was in shock and decided to take the hospital where the girl was only prescribed paracetamol to court. They stated that with a good and timely diagnosis, the girl would not have lost her limbs. After an investigation, the family and the hospital reached a settlement in the High Court in London. The hospital board accepted responsibility and the girl will receive compensation.


The lawyers of both the hospital and the family want to emphasize that no amount of money can ever compensate for the physical and psychological damage. However, they hope that with the compensation the girl can pay for the right help and care for the rest of her life.

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