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Monday, December 5, 2022

Gold shop robber armed with box cutter arrested in one shopping center in Chonburi


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A gold shop robber armed with a box cutter robbed several gold items worth more than 300,000 baht the day before yesterday from a gold shop in Chonburi.

The CCTV footage of the gold shop at a Tesco Lotus shopping centre in the Samet sub-district is on view at 6:30 pm. the 25-year-old suspect was seen nervously looking around to ask for the price of several gold objects. Shortly after asking for the prize, he pulled out a box cutter and threatened a nearby guard, who took a few steps back in shock.

The suspect is then seen on camera jumping over the counter, tearing down the CCTV screens before unzipping several gold jewellery and fleeing the scene, closely followed by the guard who had by now taken courage. The suspect’s escape, however, would not last long.

The suspect fled on foot outside the mall where he threatened a motorcycle taxi driver with a box cutter and demanded that the driver take him away. The “win rider”, who was not identified, cooperated and started the engine.

The guard who had been following the thief kicked the motorcycle to the ground, causing the robber and the driver to fall onto the street. The suspect was disarmed and held by the guard and several bystanders until Samet police arrived and handcuffed the suspect to later take him to the police station for further processing.

The 25-year-old suspect was named by the police as Mr Wit Yangyuen. Several gold objects worth more than 300,000 baht were seized from him.

White reportedly admitted to police: “I have incurred significant debts by gambling online. Besides, I just had some big fights with my parents in Bangkok and saw no way out, money to travel to Chonburi, with the intention of robbing a gold shop on the spot and then return to Bangkok, hoping they wouldn’t recognize because I’m from out of town. I bought the box cutter especially for the robbery.”

Khin Wit faces multiple charges including armed robbery, hostage-taking and several other minor charges. As mentioned, he has reportedly admitted to the incident and plans to plead guilty. In accordance with Thai law, this will likely earn him a shorter jail term.

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