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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Gordon Ramsay’s Daughter Pranks Dad With Raw Egg Trick


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Its has been fun and games this week when Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Tilly pranked her famously angry father with a water and a raw egg prank. Watch the video below:

Tilly who is just 19 years old had filmed her brave prank so she could put it on TikTok. When she uploaded the video, she shared it with the caption: “I’m still running far far away.”

In the funny video, Tilly pretends to perform a magic trick on her father and sits an egg on top of a bottle of water. As she slides her hands down the bottle and hiding the egg with her other hand, she then moves her hands away from the bottle for her father to look on in amazement and leans in to look for the egg.

As Gordon does this, Tilly then squeezes the bottle getting him right in the face and then slams the egg on the back of his head.

Making the wise move, Tilly then runs off with many people still left wondering if she is actually still running.

The last we saw of Tilly. Credit: TikTok/@tillyramsay
The last we saw of Tilly. Credit: TikTok/@tillyramsay

One fan joked: “Fly high Tilly, you will be missed.”

Another wrote: “Tell me you have no fear without telling me you have no fear.”

A third replied: “The only person who can take on Gordon Ramsay and live to tell the tale.”

It’s still not known what has happened to Tilly, but judging by the look on Gordon’s face, he simply knows he’s been well and truly had and laughs as he wipes raw egg out of his eyes.

It’s not the first time Tilly has had one over on her dad in recent months.

In December, she put a video on TikTok bravely saying she prefers her mum’s cooking over her celebrity chef dad’s.

In the video, Tilly and her dad dance about while two options flash up on the screen.

If you like the left option, you leave the screen to the left, and if you like the right option more you leave to the right.

Credit: TikTok/@tillyramsay
Credit: TikTok/@tillyramsay

In the video, they reveal some character traits about themselves, including – shock horror – the fact that Gordon Ramsay likes expensive wine, and that Tilly prefers going out on the town to staying in.

However, the real divide is spotted when ‘mum’s cooking’ and ‘dad’s cooking’ come up at the top of the screen.

While Gordon obviously goes off towards his own cooking, Tilly leaves the screen at the opposite side, indicating she prefers her mum’s cuisine to her famous dad’s scran.

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