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GrabBike Thailand is about to fall over, commission to save the company from that

According to a statement from the Department of Land Transport, the DLT is working on a joint commission for the rescue of online ride-sharing service GrabBike (Win), due to a violation of the law with their activities.

The panel, which will represent the DLT, the Royal Thai, the BMA and the Internal Security Operations Command, will meet with the company GrabBike (Win). Together we are looking for a solution to how the GrabBike activities can be enforced within the framework of the law.

The motorcycle taxi service of the popular Grab app is about to be shut down after Grab Thailand had to inform its drivers that the company will end contracts with those who use motorcycles and who are not licensed for local public transport effective July 15, 2022.

Worachat Luxkanalode, director of Grab Thailand, stressed to the press that the forced closure could affect tens of thousands of drivers who would lose their income as a result. The joint body recognizes the need to meet public demand for public transportation, the DLT statement said.

The regulation will also ensure fair competition between app-based car rental companies. Many companies have filed applications to legalize their services since October last year, only two of which have been approved so far: Hello Phuket Service and Bonku.

At GrabBike (Win), motorcycles registered as private vehicles were used for passenger transport, in violation of the law requiring public transport to be registered specifically for this purpose. The way in which the company calculated the rates was also not in accordance with the law, the DLT explains.

The agency also said it has given GrabBike (Win) a period to resolve the motorcycle registration and tariff issues. The agency advised that if licensing issues are not resolved, the company should switch to hauling groceries or parcels. Using legitimately registered motorcycles as taxis would also reduce conflict between GrabBike riders and drivers who work at the taxi ranks, the DLT said.

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