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Grandparents in Northeast Thailand bully, torture and chain their 11-year-old granddaughter, it’s time to put an end to this


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Grandparents in Northeast Thailand bully, torture and chain their 11-year-old granddaughter, it’s time to put an end to this

The grandparents of an 11-year-old girl are aware that punishing and chaining her is not a common way of parenting, they claim, we have no other choice, we too feel sorry for the child. They chain and torture a girl who claims she is naughty and likes to play with friends. 

A Facebook page recently shared this tragedy of parenting, revealing how the young girl is being punished on a daily basis. The poster of this piece, wrote that the child is raised entirely under the yoke of her grandparents and regularly beating her with a stick. The poster, therefore, asked the other users of Facebook to step up to help this child. The grandpa uses a way of punishment that is far too harsh, and in earlier years even tyrannical.

The Sanook News Team, along with Amarin’s rescue team and related officials, went to the area in Buriram Province. Each and every one of them wanted to find the truth behind the posting and eventually found 11-year-old Beauty. She was home alone and had a large chain around her left leg that held her to the room. Her grandparents were not at home.

The rescue team performed a first aid check on her and found bruises on her neck. The team used special tools to remove the chain as it hurt her leg. Beauty states that her grandparents chain her up because they don’t like her playing with friends. She feels very lonely and likes to play with others because she is alone all the time. They regularly punish her by beating her with a stick and regularly squeezing her throat.

Grandpa returned home and admitted that he had chained Beauty and beat her with a stick. The grandpa claims that Beauty is very naughty and often comes home late at night. He claims there is no other way to raise her. He works every day and has sought refuge with the use of force as a solution. He feels sorry for Beauty but knows no other way to teach her.

A street food saleswoman in front of “Beauty”‘s house described seeing Grandpa physically assaulting “Beauty”. He came home, chained her to a pillar, tied her hands and feet, and beat her many times.

The street food saleswoman heard “Beauty” scream in pain and knew she had to help. He made a video of what happened and posted the footage online. The food saleswoman stated that she has seen the grandpa do this many times and hopes related official sectors will help the little girl.

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