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Video: Growing and styling your armpit hair could be the next kind of fashion


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They say fashion evolves just as fast as time and as constant as any other types of change that this world goes through. All throughout the years, there has been many fashion trends that has come and go from one generation to the other. Some of these fashion trends become a big hit while there are also others which are quite hard to explain.

Just like this newest and the most bizarre fashion trend we managed to come across as of this date. This trend simply involves what everyone has that is often shaved or completely removed. We are talking about ‘armpit hairs.’ 

Apparently, this new trend encourages everyone to ‘grow’ their armpit hairs to serve a new purpose. That is – to create patterns and style the hair just like the way people do with the hair above their heads.

In a video that has become viral on social media, a woman had her armpit hairs colored and styled to look like the waves of an ocean. At a first glance, no one would even suspect that it was just her armpit hairs.

Another clip showed a woman having a really long armpit hair. The said woman decided to dye the hair into a blonde color. Afterwards, another woman whose face was not shown in the clip braided the blonde armpit hair. She did so in such a nice way that one might think it really was the hair of a full grown woman.

The said video has now been shared several times on social media as many are showing interest in the bizarre fashion trend.

What about you? Are you willing to try out this new trend too?



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