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Gunshots on Jomtien Beach road, luckily no injuries


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Gunshots rang out in the normally quiet streets along Jomtien Beach, scaring people in the area, but no one was injured. The incident took place early yesterday morning when an unidentified man fired multiple gunshots along the beach road.

The man is said to have fired several shots from his car at around 2.30 am at the entrance to Soi 3 Jomtien Beach. The incident took place just a few hundred meters from the police station on Dongtan, which has just been converted into a 24-hour local station, so the police were present at the time.

Witnesses told Pattaya police that they were afraid of the shots and have no idea why it would happen. A couple said they were looking for street food

and were 200 yards from the aforementioned Jomtien Police Station when they heard gunshots and saw someone shooting a gun out of a car window.

It was unclear whether the shooter had any particular target or victim in mind, and the pair said they were shocked and had no bad blood with anyone they could think of. They said they could not identify the make or model of the car and did not see the driver.

A local motorcycle taxi driver, who wished to remain anonymous, said he heard the shots, although he did not witness what happened. He indicated that he clearly knows the difference between the sound of gunfire and other types of bangs, such as an exhaust pipe or a car recoil. No other witnesses with more information have come forward so far.

The CCTV footage in the area will now be checked and analyzed for information or clear photos of the driver or his car in the hopes of identifying a suspect and taking him into custody. Although no injuries were reported from the gunshots, Pattaya Police in Jomtien are promising a thorough investigation for the sake of the area’s reputation.

They fear that the threat of potential violence, suggested by gunfire like this one, could tarnish the relatively positive and safe image of Pattaya and Jomtien Beach among the public and tourists, both at home and abroad. An investigation is underway and it was unclear whether police collected any evidence, including used bullet casings.

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