Police Captain Vichai Anansapying from the Banglamung Police Station in Chonburi Province was notified of a person who went insane and took over a Family Mart Convenience store no.228/57 in Banglamung.

When the police arrived there was a large crowd in front of the convenience store. The employees were also standing in front keeping watch of the store. Inside was a man who was acting out. He was shouting nonsense and throwing the shelves around, the store was a mess. Anyone who went inside would have things thrown at them. Many items in the store were completely destroyed.

The officers realized that this could not go on forever so they decided to climb in from the second floor from behind the store. Another set of officers were waiting in front of the store to make the man believe he was safe inside the store. While he was turning towards the front of the store, the officers charged in from behind and got a hold of the man.

Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook

Kittikorn 36 years old a friend of Warayut 43 years old stated that Warayut is the owner of the beauty salon right by the convenient store. While they were working as usual inside the store, Warayut suddenly lost control of himself and tried to tie Kittikorn by his arms and legs. He then tried to strangle his own friend. Kittikorn thinks that Warayut must have used drugs that made him insane. After trying to strangle Kittikorn, Warayut ran to a convenient store and took over.

Both Kittikorn and Warayut has been taken to the Banglamung Police Station for further investigation to see the true cause of Warayut losing his control. The police will wait for him to calm down before putting him through a drug test.

FB Caption: Kittikorn thinks that Warayut must have used drugs that made him insane.