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HALLOWEEN HORROR: A fight between two groups of men outside a nightclub in the central province of Suphan Buri in the wee hours of yesterday morning ended up with one man shot and three others injured by glass liquor bottles.

Police were called to SNOP club, located in the province’s U Thong District, at about 1am yesterday when one of the partiers, who has not been identified, started firing with a 9mm pistol outside the club.

Aattapol Klangchom, 26, who was hit in the head with a beer bottle by the gunman’s group, told police from the hospital that he had been at the nightclub with four other friends, and the fight started from a misunderstanding.

“A young man randomly walked up to me and asked why I flipped him off, to which I said I didn’t,” Attapol said.

Their argument escalated into a fist fight between two groups in the middle of the club. When Attapol and his friends were leaving the nightclub, he claimed their newfound rivals didn’t let it go and followed them outside for Round 2.

Attapol said it was then that he heard gunshots.

Seksit Tongnoom, 34, was shot in the stomach and leg and remains in critical condition.

Aside from Attapol. The other two hit by glass bottles were Thanakorn Rodkong, 25, who sustained a hand injury when someone threw a glass bottle at him; and an employee at the nightclub, 21-year-old Kanokwan Chanpang, who received an eye injury after a scrap of glass from a shard of glass hit him under the left eye, reported Workpoint.

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