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Healthy and active family vacation in the resort of Pattaya


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Despite the fact that Pattaya is one of the most popular resorts in the world, the city is known not only for its beautiful beaches and beautiful nature

Pattaya is also known as a popular destination for adult entertainment. Authorities of the resort town are gradually trying to reverse this not-very-favorable image and turn Pattaya into a family resort.

But what healthy and active pastime can be done in a Pattaya resort? In addition to the obvious swimming in the open sea, visiting spas, hiking and biking, relaxing in a water park and so on, we suggest another way of healthy and exciting entertainment for the whole family.

Table tennis is one of the most popular games in the world, and the reason for its popularity is that table tennis is a great way to spend time and relax. The game helps to develop reactions as well as helps to increase intellectual abilities.

Playing table tennis helps to develop motor skills and coordination, as well as improve movement control. This is especially important for people who need to work with accuracy and speed. In addition, table tennis helps develop thinking and imagination. The player has to come up with strategies and predict the opponent’s actions. Playing table tennis also helps develop social skills as the game is played between two players. It also helps develop friendships, as players must show respect for each other.

Active and sporty fans in Pattaya can easily enjoy a healthy pastime at ATT, a new table tennis club just 600 meters from Walking Street.

The club offers visitors the opportunity to play table tennis in Pattaya, spend time with friends and get real pleasure from the game. You can take part in tournaments and play table tennis with friends or the receptionist on duty, as well as learning how to play from professional coaches.

The club offers a great opportunity to learn how to play this sport or improve your level. Professional coaches provide personal and group trainings for children and adults, giving you all the necessary knowledge and skills to play table tennis from scratch in just 3-4 lessons. With the right approach and regular training, you can achieve a decent level of play and become a professional player.

The ATT club in Pattaya offers players excellent facilities. There are 10 professional tables divided by nets, high ceilings, and the distance from table to wall and between tables is 3 meters. An exciting sports atmosphere is provided here thanks to the air conditioning and the lounge area with comfortable sofas.

Personalized training, sparring partners and robot training are offered as part of the personalized approach. Spacious halls are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing games to be played at the highest level.

ATT Pattaya Resort Tennis Club is a great place to play table tennis, play in a family or large group, and you will find that table tennis is an incredibly fun game which helps to develop stamina, lose weight, and give a lot of positive energy.

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