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Homeless man in Thailand turns part of pedestrian overpass into a bedroom


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A repentant Thai TikTok user apologized for posting a video of a homeless man making one bedroom on a pedestrian overpass, after which the Department of Road Administration gathered up and removed his mess.

The uploaded TikTok video shows a bedroom on a pedestrian overpass in the central province of Ayutthaya. The bedroom was taken by a homeless man, but once the video went viral on the @jittakorn_pochoo account, road officials came to take it down.

@jittakorn_pochooจะหมดสิงหาอยู่แล้ว เมื่อไหร่เธอจะมาหา

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The space was equipped with everything from a bed made of white foam containers, it had pillows, laminate parts, curtains to protect the bum from sunlight, and dolls.

A plastic cup was also available in case someone wanted to donate money so the needy man could buy food. Many people commented that the room looked very cozy, except that pedestrians walked through it every five minutes.

Some residents who lived near the viaduct said they felt uncomfortable because it was like walking into someone’s home.

An officer of the highway administration, Thawat Changtham, told media that workers had cleaned the overpass yesterday to create a clean and safe space for pedestrians.

Normally the viaduct is usually cleaned every Friday, but in the past two weeks there was no time for it, allowing the homeless man to create a bedroom for himself.

Some residents felt sorry for the homeless man, while others said authorities had acted properly as it is a public space.

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