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Hong Kong tourist meets with Pattaya Chief of Police over alleged million baht theft

Hong Kong Tourist Vincent Chen, 32, who also says he is a famous actor in China, stated that he had a bag with a million baht of valuables stolen while he was on Walking Street on Tuesday, September 18th at 5AM during an altercation with several ladyboys.

Mr. Chen has made several public statements to the press and on social media regarding the incident and displeasure on the police investigation. He was invited earlier today to personally meet with the Chief of Pattaya Police to discuss the investigation and the whereabouts of his bag. Mr. Chen was pleased that the Chief of Police personally made time to sit down with him over his concerns.

While the exact details of the conversation were not disclosed to the press, officials stated that they have a new lead on the whereabouts of the bag thanks to CCTV. Based on the footage, it appeared that the bag may have been taken by a third party as Mr. Chen actually set/dropped the bag on the ground during the altercation and brawl with the ladyboys. Mr. Chen allegedly  agreed with this statement and had previously thought the transvestites had taken the bag.

Police state they have a solid lead for the location of the bag and hope for positive news in the next day or two.

Critics of Mr. Chen on social media have questioned why someone would walk around a tourist area at 5AM with over a million baht of valuables in a bag. Mr. Chen declined to answer this question to the press.

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