HORROR CCTV: Bangkok hit and run looks like MURDER

HORROR CCTV: Bangkok hit and run looks like MURDER

Horrific CCTV footage from Pathum Thani at the weekend showed the moment that a pick-up on the wrong side of the road drove straight into the backs of a father and his two and a half-year-old daughter.

He died in hospital but the little girl survived with head injuries.

The pick-up driver fled the scene. The family of the deceased said they know who it is. They have had problems with him before and have spoken to his father who has refused to accept responsibility.

The incident happened outside a roadside restaurant in Klong 7 just after 8 am on Sunday.

Ekapong Khamsuk, 35, was with his daughter Bonus, two and a half, walking hand in hand on their way to help out at a wedding.

They never got anywhere near the wedding.

The CCTV footage showed people in the restaurant rush to the scene. Ekapong died in hospital. Bonus is critical but showing signs of improvement.

Sampao Khamsuk, 60, the victims’ father and grandfather, said he knows who did this. He described the man as a young local hotheaded tearaway who has had disputes with the family before.

He said there were braking marks on the road – the sound of braking can be heard in the video.

A family delegation went to his father’s house but he refused to accept any responsibility.

No mention was made of police involvement in the Thai Rath story.

The media did not attempt to explain why the pick-up was on the wrong side of the road.

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