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Thailand to host Guiness Record Breaking Free Dinner in Bangkok for Chinese Tourists to improve tourism

Guiness Record: Thailand is pulling out all the stops to entice Chinese Tourists to return to Thailand, offering an unprecedented free dinner that will break world records and be hosted in Bangkok in early January.

“We hope Chinese tourists who love eating and shopping will spend more money while staying here. In January, the private and government sectors will jointly host a free dinner for 10,000 Chinese tourists in Bangkok by serving 5 tonnes of sticky rice with 500 mangoes. This will be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. The meal will be completely free for all Chinese Tourists who wish to attend,” The director of tourism stated.

“We will also work to expand tourism to second-tier provinces. However, long-term security, fair pricing and good hospitality will bring back sustainable tourism to Thailand,” he concluded.

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