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Illegal Party on Koh Chang, source of a Covid19 outbreak on the island

Koh Chang

At a recent meeting of Trat Provincial Administration, which also includes Koh Chang, Provincial Governor Pinyo Prakobphon granted local authorities on the popular holiday island a 14-day delay on Thursday to get the Covid19 situation under control.

If the number of Covid19 infections does not decrease during this period, Koh Chang – after the example of Koh Samet – would be temporarily closed to visitors.

According to Michael Weber, who is the only Western foreigner on the Advisory Board of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in the Trat region and who regularly attends the meetings, the options were discussed at length at a crisis meeting.

A party at Chang Park would have contributed significantly to the spread of Covid-19 on the island. A significant portion of the new infections can be traced back to the party held in Chang Park. On a video clip that was made at the party, 15 foreigners can be seen who were “partying” a lot. To date, no action has been taken against them, the request of the authorities to contact them has not yet been followed up and therefore there is a suspicion that the foreigners are staying in the country illegally.

Those who protect themselves also protect others. That is why the health authority of Trat province is giving all persons at risk related to party in Chang Park the possibility to have a coronavirus test performed at the clinic (Thai: “Anamai”) in Klong Prao free of charge within 14 days. , without invoking the help of the Thai immigration service.

At the meeting of the provincial council, it was proposed, but not yet decided, that all foreigners living on Koh Chang should be tested. Another important change is that visitors travelling to Koh Chang without proof of a negative PCR test will be rejected and asked to return to the mainland for a Covid-19 test at Trat Hospital. The state hospital on Koh Chang is overloaded and will no longer test tourists until further notice.

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