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‘I’m lazy’: Cabbie changes his mind about working, kicks 2 Thai women out mid-ride (VIDEO)

A Thai woman is claiming that a taxi driver kicked her and a friend out of the vehicle, leaving them standing in the rain, on Saturday night after deciding he was simply “too lazy to drive them.”

Facebook user Mild Maiyara shared a story of the unusual rejection, which took place AFTER the driver had accepted the fare and even turned on the meter.

Mild said the driver had already made a necessary U-turn in order to get to their destination in Ekkamai when he pulled over and said:  “I’m not driving you. I’m lazy.”

“I thought to myself: why didn’t he wanna drive us? He turned on the meter. Suddenly, he didn’t want to go. We’re two women. It was raining outside, and he was so rude,” Mild wrote on Facebook.

She and her friend were dropped off near a 7-Eleven, where their subsequent argument with the cabbie was captured on video. Here’s what they said in the footage.

Passengers: “You’re a taxi driver. How could you talk to me like that? You could have just said that you didn’t wanna drive us.”

Cabbie: “Yes, I said I didn’t wanna go with you.”

Passengers: “But we already got in the car.”

Cabbie: “What the fuck is your problem?”

Passengers: “You said you were lazy to drive.”

Cabbie: “Yes.”

Passengers: “That’s OK. I’ll just report you.”

Cabbie: “Go ahead then.”

Well, at least he didn’t threaten to shoot them and demand THB1,000 cash to let the whole thing go like this taxi driver back in 2017.

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