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In Thailand, man shoots up friend’s family, including 5-year-old child


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In Thailand, man shoots up friend’s family, including 5-year-old child

A killer shot and killed a childhood friend, his wife and 5-year-old son in their own home out of revenge for his mother

The crime took place in the central Thai province of Pathumthani at 1:00 PM. The mother of the dead woman, who was also in the house at the time, has witnessed the nightmarish shooting.

She told the police that her son’s friend, 29-year-old Min Chuchumchum came to their house by cab, but her son-in-law and his family were absent at that time. The killer waited for them to arrive and even helped unload the purchases from the car. Then he took a gun and shot her son-in-law 10 times in the chest, then killed her 5-year-old grandson with seven shots at point-blank range and her daughter with five shots on the porch.

The perpetrator was still at the murdered friend’s house before police arrived, where he was arrested. When questioned, he testified that the reason for the triple murder was revenge for his mother, who had been charged with possession of a large batch of drugs the day before and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The arrestee claims that his mother is innocent and that it was his now-deceased “childhood friend” who hid the methamphetamine in his mother’s house. So he decided to take revenge and killed him along with his family. Min fired a total of 22 shots from two guns, one belonging to him and one belonging to his deceased friend.

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