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India man jailed for killing wife with cobra in Kerala


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India man jailed for killing wife with cobra in Kerala

An Indian man who killed his wife in May last year by means of a deadly snakebite from a cobra has been sentenced to two life terms. More than a year after the crime, Sooraj Kumar, as the man is called, was convicted for his actions.


Kumar was arrested last year after his 25-year-old wife Uthra died as a result of the snake bite. Her death was supposed to look like an accident, but her family became suspicious when Kumar began pressuring them to repay the dowry, BBC News reports. They also found it strange that Uthra was also bitten by a snake two months before her death. While she was still recovering from her first injury, she was bitten a second time with a fatal outcome.


Kumar confessed that he was behind both acts. He starved the snakes for a week to increase the chances of his wife dying from a bite. He then released the snakes on her while she was sleeping in bed. He has now been sentenced to two life terms. His parents and sister have also been arrested for destroying evidence and their involvement in the murder.

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